Jun 16, 2013 / 1 note

Last week was a prime example of summers in Holland. Windy, rainy, and not even near 20 degrees Celcius. Yet if the sun’s out and you plan on spending the day outside a jacket isn’t really that necessary. And in my opinion summer’s definetly the time of the year to show off a little. If you know what I mean. ;-)

So I’ve decided to base my contribution of this week on last week’s weather. And here it is! I call it:

Windy Wednesday

  • Cap: C.E.
  • Polo: Mark McNairy
  • Sunglasses and watch: Triwa
  • Pants: Unbranded Brand
  • Shoes: Perks and Mini
  • Bracelet: Miansai
  • Socks: Benny Gold

All items available at: hypebeast.com

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